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Sign Up & Registration

You can Sign Up by using your email and basic personal details, alternatively you can login using any of the social media accounts indicated on the login page.
There is absolutely no sign up fee that you need to pay upfront. You only pay for the tutoring plan subscribed.
You are right, the catch is, we are a family not a company. We charge our students only to survive, maintain the quality & retain the best in industry tutors.
If in case you are not satisfied by the services of a particular tutor you may ask for tutor replacement, we will be happy to assist you in finding the best tutor as per your academic needs. if still not satisfied we will give refund your unused credit. In short we do whatever it takes to satisfy our students & guardians.
Absolutely Yes ! Either we satisfy you or money is yours throughout the tutoring. No strings attached.

Scheduling & Tutors

Yes & No. Yes, if you have signed up for short term course and you don't need daily sessions. No, if you have signed up for regular sessions those are understood by you and tutor to have daily sessions. For later you are advised to inform tutor about the time you intend to take a session regularly.
Yes, we do provide round the clock scheduled tutoring sessions. Scheduled means you need to inform us at least 1 hour before you need a session.
All our tutors and volunteers are post graduates, retired teachers, experienced online tutors; apart from that they are also required to prove their expertise at the time of application.
Our teachers are well aware of all United States curricula, their individual teaching methodologies and terminologies, their respective state standards, and their exam requirements. They are proficient at using the same teaching techniques your teacher in school follows. Our extensive training ensures they are able to help students in any state and overcome any educational obstacles.
Off course yes. All of our tutors are fluent in English, and can help students anywhere if there is an internet connection. We are currently teaching students all over the world who can speak English and they are doing well in their exams too !

Courses & Subscriptions

Since we don't have any control over the pricing of the courses offered by freelance tutors, they are free to charge on the merit of the subject, grade, topic and difficulty level of the course they offer.
Off course yes. If you are not satisfied with the tutoring by freelance tutor, you can straightaway escalate the issue to our support team. We would then offer you to try our in-house tutor for the same course or else initiate refund process for the unused credits.
In-House tutors are the tutors who are hired, screened, trained and work from our facility under direct supervision of quality assurance team. Our In-house tutors generally don't create topic specific short term courses like freelance tutors. They are experts in all the topics in their respective subjects and they can teach anything and everything related to their subjects.
Well, if you are looking for regular help in any subject or topic or want help in test preparation and don't find any suitable course by freelance tutor, we suggest you to subscribe to a subscription based tutoring plan. Once subscribed we will again screen and assign the best tutor suitable for you.

Tutors' FAQ

No, there is no membership fee for becoming a tutor. All that you need is to have expertise in your subject & fulfill our eligibility criteria.
You will be paid adequately in terms of money (but not enough to make you rich) apart from gratification that you will get in helping students who can't afford private online tutoring. You are their Hero.
All the tutors based in US will get paid either through check, wire transfer or PayPal. Tutors from rest of the countries will get paid through PayPal or Skrill.
You don't have to have tutoring software of your own. If you are experienced tutor and you are already using any tutoring software you are free to use it. If you don't have we will provide a state of the art virtual classroom software to conduct sessions.
Yes. We have a dedicated tutor support team to help tutors. Whenever you need any assistance you can ask for help on phone, live chat or email us at

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