College Unlimited – Auto Renewal

$289.99 $229.99

We’ve got you covered !

You’ll be charged only $1 now, If you are not satisfied with tutoring you can cancel subscription anytime during free trial and your money is yours; in fact it will not leave your bank account or credit card apart from i.e. $1!

Fair Enough 🙂

    • Unlimited* number of scheduled sessions as per your convenience.
    • Real time personalized one-to-one session with specialist Tutor/Tutor of your choice.
    • Unlimited Homework help in any subject subscribed.
    • Complete Guidance in Any Major Subject in Single Subscription,  Like Homework & Assignment Help, Test Preparations, University Entrance Tests For The Subject Subscribed.
    • Free personalized academic assessment from Team and suggestions in order to improve grades.
    • Access to the sessions recordings of all the previous sessions with replay option for any number of times.

    • Grade Improvement Guarantee*

    • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    • Money Back Guarantee


    *T&C Apply


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